$Arthur: Memes Unite, Fun Ignite!

Meet $ARTHUR, a decentralized movement centered around the most memeable character in cartoon history!


Memeable MaDness: Unleashing the Power of $ARTHUR

Arthur is the most recognizable and funniest cartoon character. Who hasn’t seen his clenched fist from anger somewhere, or the weed-smoker eyes of his sister? No one can resist that. With $ARTHUR, you can join the best meme decentralized movement, created by the people for the people, with 0 tax and burned liquidity.

The Memetastic Revolution

$ARTHUR is here to establish itself as one of the best memecoins ever, alongside other cartoon characters. The cartoon coin craze is just beginning, so seize the opportunity to be a part of memecoin history with $ARTHUR!


Decentralized memecoin for the people.

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